Downloads are provide free of charge but they must be added to a shopping cart. Use the buy button to select the photos you wish do download and choose a resolution. You will be asked to create an account and agree to the license. The full steps are lists below.

Adding photos and products to the shopping cart

  1. Navigate to a photo you would like to purchase, click the Buy button at the top of the page. Choose Select product from the menu that appears. A pop-up window will open prompting you to choose which category of photo product you would like to order.
  3. To change the way the product options are displayed, click the Product Catalog.
  4. If you would like to switch currencies or shipping location click on the currency displayed next to Shipping then select the desired currency and shipping destination.
  6. Select the category you are interested in. A new pop-up window will open with available products and sizes.
  8. Use the options on the left to further narrow down the product choices.
  10. Click on the desired product for more details about the product and to see the options available with that product.
  12. Click Add to Cart to add the item to the cart.

Checking out

Once all of the desired items have been added to the cart, proceed with checking out.  Click Checkout Now to checkout. Once a digital photo is purchased, the system generates the file to be downloaded on to your computer. The size and number of photos you purchased will determine how long it will take the system to prepare the download for you.

Please note, items added to the cart are only stored for seven days.  This means that the order for the items in the cart must be placed before the seven days or the cart will expired and be automatically cleared.  The cart can also be cleared if the browser's cookies are cleared.

To save a cart and avoid losing the cart, click on Save Cart to save the cart to an account in your photographer's site.  If you've already created an account and you were logged in to the account when items were added to the cart, the cart is automatically saved to the account and will not expire in seven days (in this case, the Save Cart option will not be displayed).

The option is also provided to email the cart.  This allows you to share the cart with your photographer or with someone else.  This can also be used to create a back up of the cart.


  2. Here are the steps to download the images once you have purchased your digital photos:

  3. Step 1: On the receipt page, it states: "Links to download images will arrive in your email receipt" and "You will receive an email with download links once the order is approved."
  4. Step 2: Check your email for the receipt, remember to check your spam folder if you do not see it. 
  5. Step 3: On the email receipt, you will see a message with more information about the order and a link to the order page. 
    Please note that an order may be 'Awaiting Approval, which means that the photographer still needs to quality check the order and approve it. If it is waiting for approval, you will receive an additional email when it has been reviewed and is ready for download. 
  6. Step 4: When the digital product is ready to download, you can download your purchased images from the Download Page. There will be a link to this page in your email.
  7. Once you have opened the Download Page, you will see a thumbnail of your image(s) and a button to ' Download all purchased items'. Click on that button.
  8. Alternatively, you can download each file individually using the 'Download to My Computer' link beside each thumbnail.
    Depending on your specific computer, a new dialogue box will open asking where you would like to save the file. Click Ok.
  9. Find the downloaded file on your computer and 'unzip' or 'un-archive' it. This will open a new folder that is titled the same as your order number. Open that folder and inside you will find the images and a copy of the license agreement. 

  10. Note: If the total number of files you ordered is greater than 2 GB, the download will automatically be split into multiple zip files.